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Directors and officers face growing challenges due to increased transparency and accountability. The Sarbanes-Oxley regulations and shareholder activism have heightened exposure, resulting in more claims and settlement costs. Meadors, Adams & Lee, an experienced independent insurance agency based in Little Rock, Arkansas, is here to help. We understand the intricacies of management liability and provide tailored insurance coverage to safeguard your business and its leaders. With a commitment to protecting your professionals and your business, we ensure you’re prepared for the challenges of the corporate world.

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Understanding Your Unique Needs

In the world of professional liability insurance, one size does not fit all. Meadors, Adams & Lee recognizes the unique requirements of each business, industry, and professional profile. We specialize in addressing these specific needs to provide comprehensive protection.

Medical Malpractice – Physicians and Clinics:

We offer tailored solutions to address the unique challenges and exposures faced by healthcare professionals and clinics. Our coverage protects against claims related to professional negligence, ensuring their reputation and financial stability.

Architects and Engineers:

For professionals in architecture and engineering, we provide coverage that considers the complexities of their work, protecting them against claims related to design flaws, errors, omissions, and other professional liabilities.

Corporate Board of Directors:

Directors and officers require robust insurance coverage to shield themselves from personal losses resulting from their leadership roles. We offer custom-tailored coverage to meet their unique needs.


Non-profit organizations have distinct governance, compliance, and accountability challenges. Our insurance coverage options protect against governance-related claims and other potential liabilities, enabling these organizations to pursue their missions confidently.

We understand that each sector demands a tailored approach, and our team conducts in-depth assessments and exposure analyses to ensure our coverage aligns with your unique needs and risks.

Coverage Tailored toYour Needs

In the complex world of professional liability insurance, Meadors, Adams & Lee offers coverage custom-tailored to your specific needs to ensure precise protection for your professional landscape.

Directors & Officers Liability:

Our coverage safeguards directors and officers from personal losses in their leadership roles, whether in corporations or non-profits.

Employment Practices Liability:

Protect your business and reputation from claims related to wrongful employment practices.

Wage & Hour:

Mitigate financial risks associated with wage and hour disputes with our coverage.

Third-Party EPLI:

Shield your organization from claims made by third parties, such as clients, customers, or vendors.

Fiduciary Liability:

Ensure protection against claims related to managing employee benefit plans.

Duty to Defend:

Some insurance policies provide a duty to defend, ensuring financial support for legal claims.

Errors & Omissions:

Protect against claims of professional negligence, maintaining your reputation and financial stability.

Employee Dishonesty:

Our coverage protects against financial losses resulting from dishonest actions of employees.

Crime Insurance:

Safeguard your organization against various criminal activities, including fraud and theft.


Get an additional layer of protection to remain resilient in the face of extraordinary challenges.

Our comprehensive coverage options are designed to address the nuances of your profession or industry.

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Why ChooseMeadors, Adams & Lee?

Choosing the right insurance partner is crucial for your business or profession. Meadors, Adams & Lee offers compelling reasons to make us your trusted insurance and risk management partner:

Risk Management and Insurance Policy Review:

We provide comprehensive risk assessment to tailor insurance solutions to your unique needs.

Coverage Comparisons:

We assist you in understanding and comparing different insurance options, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Exposures from Electronic Health Records:

We address the unique challenges medical practitioners face in safeguarding electronic health records.

Cyber-Liability for HIPAA Compliance:

Our cyber-liability coverage ensures patient data security and HIPAA compliance.

Analysis of Indemnification Provisions:

We review indemnification provisions in contracts to protect your interests.

Medical Defense:

We support medical professionals in responding to claims efficiently and effectively.

Dedicated Claims Managers:

We assign dedicated claims managers to handle your claims professionally.

Financial Strength of Carriers Represented:

We represent insurance carriers known for their financial stability.

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Meadors, Adams & Lee is your steadfast ally in navigating the intricate terrain of professional liability. With over a century of dedication, we offer insurance and tailored solutions that address your profession’s or industry’s nuances. From risk management to compliance assistance, we provide peace of mind for your professionals and your business.