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At Meadors, Adams & Lee

Meadors, Adams & Lee isn’t just another insurance agency; we’re your trusted partners in securing the future of your energy business. Headquartered in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas, with a history dating back to 1909, we have a longstanding mission to protect our clients’ valuable assets. We understand the unique challenges of the energy industry and tirelessly negotiate and craft bespoke solutions to reduce your risks, cut your costs, and maximize your protection.

Our Comprehensive Approachto Energy Insurance

Pollution Liability & Clean-up:

Our pollution liability coverage protects against environmental mishaps and includes assistance with clean-up efforts.

Mobile and Contractors Equipment:

We cover drilling rigs, pipeline machinery, and specialized tools to ensure seamless operations, even if the equipment is damaged or stolen.

Underground Resources & Equipment Liability:

This policy safeguards your underground activities, from pipelines to storage tanks, to prevent disruptions due to potential liabilities.

Rig & Equipment Physical Damage:

Protect your equipment against unexpected accidents, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Hired and Non-Ownership Auto:

Our coverage ensures protection for vehicles you hire or those used for work-related activities.

Stop-gap Liability:

In the event of employee injury, this coverage provides compensation and medical benefits in compliance with state regulations.

Employment Practices Liability:

Shield your business against employment-related lawsuits, such as discrimination and wrongful termination claims.


When primary coverage limits are reached, our umbrella/excess coverage steps in to offer an extra layer of protection.


In the energy industry, success hinges on specialized knowledge, and our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in the intricate challenges you face daily. The energy industry demands custom-tailored insurance solutions, and Meadors, Adams & Lee excels in crafting coverage that’s as unique as your business.
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Why ChooseMeadors, Adams & Lee

Selecting the right insurance partner for your energy business is a crucial decision. Here are the compelling reasons why Meadors, Adams & Lee stands out as your optimal choice:

Risk Management and Insurance Policy Review:

We're your partners in risk management, collaborating with you to tailor insurance policies to your business goals.

Updates on OSHA Regulations:

Stay informed about the latest OSHA regulations to ensure compliance in the ever-evolving energy industry.

SPCC Rule Compliance:

We guide you through complex SPCC Rule Compliance, helping you meet requirements and avoid pitfalls.

Dedicated Claims Managers:

Our dedicated claims managers provide personalized assistance to make your claims process as smooth as possible.

Detailed Loss Trending and Analysis:

We offer detailed loss trending and analysis to identify loss patterns and reduce risks effectively.

Workers' Compensation Expertise:

We help you understand and manage Workers' Compensation Experience Modification to control expenses and ensure compliance.

Employee Safety Manuals and Training:

We offer Employee Safety Manuals and Training to prioritize safety and business continuity.

Hot Work Permit Program:

Our commitment to fire safety includes a Hot Work Permit Program to protect your assets.

Auto Driver Selection:

Ensure safe transportation with our assistance in Auto Driver Selection.

Financial Strength of Carriers Represented:

We represent carriers with substantial financial strength, ensuring your coverage is secure.

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Choosing Meadors, Adams & Lee as your insurance partner means selecting a dedicated, experienced, and proactive team committed to safeguarding your energy business. We understand the industry’s unique challenges and work tirelessly to provide tailored solutions that suit your specific needs. With us, you’re not just getting insurance; you’re gaining a strategic ally focused on your success and security in the energy sector.